“Hero” – Official Video

Pledge Campaign

The pledge campaign for our second album is now live. We want to make as big an impact with the release of ‘Next Stage’ as possible and we need your support!

We’re asking you for donations in the form of pre-orders to help us finance the final production stage of the new record, and bring the music on tour this March to reach as many people, parties and festivals as possible in the coming year.

Follow the link above; show us some love and get involved! We’re offering every imaginable good and service that Bigtopp can muster on in order to crowd-fund the capital that Bigtopp needs to make a good showing of itself.

Check out the list of exclusive and limited offers for our contributors – even  including ‘borrow a band member’ of your choice, to play on your record or at a show.



Bigtopp accepts Bitcoin for music
Bigtopp are also accepting tips and donations of any size in Bitcoin!


Details of Upcoming Shows


It’s time to start the official build up to the launch of our 2nd album, ‘Next Stage’, which is due to be released next month!

It gives us great pleasure to announce a special series of launch shows around the UK – which will see the new album played in full for the first time! – More details to follow.

Bigtopp is the 8 piece ska band that makes its home in the South of England. If you’ve seen us play before, you know just how much energy and passion goes into our live performance. If not, you really aught to get on it!

You can listen to and download our debut album “Mischief” here and check out the music video for the single “No Doubts” Below.

“No Doubts” – Official Video


We aren’t just any old Ska band. We’ve gained a reputation for our fresh take on the Ska genre, with our energetic live shows mixing our own original material with a few well-chosen covers. We don’t want to be like anyone else: “We are doing it for the love and not the sale!”

We take a bunch of offbeat Ska sounds, and mix in a little Rock, some Jazz and Pop with a helping of smooth Reggae. We take influences from the favourite artists of each of the band members and melt them down into our own music for your entertainment! The live music scene is where it’s at: Drinks, laughs and dancing in any measure and order you like. Because you might never have heard anything like this before, but you can’t help moving to a good offbeat rhythm.

At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of people who enjoy getting in a van, driving somewhere we’ve never been before and playing our own brand of music to as many people as will listen. So thank you to everyone who has had a dance with us so far! When you’re happy, we’re happy.

Keep an eye on our blog for some eloquent musings on our latest exploits.

Ska Band playing Live Music

Live Music Vibes

We love to play all over Britain and beyond these pastures green, so wherever you’d like to see us next – let us know!